Dimaki 1 & Oitis, Kolonaki, Athens - Greece
Tel. (+30) 210 7226333 - 7291333
Fax. (+30) 210 7216911

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Dear friends,

After 35 years of presence in Kolonaki, we have won with our quality and taste the trust of three generations until today. Starting from our restaurant PORTO FINO and continuing with PIZZA KOLONAKI, we always had in our side clients - friends who supported us with their presence, and honoring us as people and as professionals.

The time has come to leave the historic and most famous corner of Patriarch Joachim & Plutarch, known as the Pizza corner, and go somewhere else, somewhere closer, somewhere quieter, in another corner, famous in the field of taste, Dimaki & Iti corner, where the famous old restaurant Gastra was.

We came here and created a magnificent place, built with stone and earth colors, which create a cozy and family atmosphere.

Our exterior space is calm and cool, giving a sense of nature in the city center. Here you will have the chance to enjoy beautiful moments with pleasant flavors. We are expecting you to continue everything we have built together during all these years with respect, trust, quality, taste and humanity.